Season 2017 - Voyages

Music has the power to propel us to unimagined places and transport us to many states through myriad emotions. To this end our 2017 season, Voyages, ventures through a diverse array of such musical excursions, establishing a strong sense of place while enjoying the local colours and flavours of music from particular national schools.

Our season of voyages begins in Russia with folklore, Romanticism and some contemporary expression, sweeping us on to the New World and delights of America, and delving into the sounds of the cinema screen – something of a new direction for the Ensemble – guided by intrepid musical traveller and Radio National presenter, Andrew Ford. We are immersed in Fantasy and Variation with quintets of Vine, Nielsen and Mozart, and the titanic Schubert Octet, a journey in itself with its vibrant instrumental resources. Our year’s travels conclude with a sequence of postcards from exotic destinations, from Bali, Argentina, and America, ending firmly back in Europe with Tchaikovsky’s Souvenir de Florence.

Newer voices emerge throughout the season, including Americans Jennifer Higdon and John Adams, whose quirky concerto for clarinet and ensemble Gnarly Buttons provides an enthralling vehicle for our Associate Artist David Griffiths and surprises with its emotional depth. The Sound of Pictures program will be further enlivened by a new work from Australian composer Felicity Wilcox, and we look forward to presenting the inaugural Blakeman Prize winning composition Riffraction by Sydney composer Mark Grandison.

Other more familiar and much loved works accompany us on our expedition – Borodin’s second String Quartet, Dvořák’s ‘American’ quartet, and Mozart’s Clarinet Quintet provide some vivid colour throughout the year, seasoned with many other salient musical flavours to tempt the taste buds. 

Journeys are best experienced in person, so I hope you will join us in setting sail on our exciting musical Voyages in 2017.


Paul Stanhope, Artistic Chair


1: March 11  - Russian Legends

2: April 8 - Fantasy and Variations

3: May 13 - Americana

4: August 19 - Schubert’s Octet

5: September 16 - The Sound of Pictures

6: October 14 - Postcards


Australia Ensemble @UNSW [photo: Keith Saunders] - left to right: Ian Munro, piano; Geoffrey Collins, flute; Irina Morozova, viola; Dimity Hall, violin; Dene Olding, violin; Julian Smiles, cello; Paul Stanhope, Artistic Chair


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