UNSW partnership with Gondwana Choirs

UNSW’s exciting partnership with Gondwana Choirs continues with the 2019 Gondwana National Choral School, which will be hosted at the Kensington campus once again in January . Choristers, conductors and composers will take up residence on campus at UNSW for the two week program, wuth the various ensembles rehearsing in a range of outstanding venues across the campus, and participants housed in the Kensington Colleges. 

Alongside the singers, Gondwana Composer and Conductor Schools present unique opportunities for emerging composers and conductors to develop their craft. There are also internship opportunities on the operations team for aspiring arts administrators.

The partnership engages several units within UNSW, including UNSW Hospitality, the colleges of UNSW Accommodation, School of the Arts and Media in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, and of course the Music Performance Unit.

For the past two years, the National Choral School has been a great success at UNSW, and we are thrilled to have them back in Kensington in January 2019.