Collegium Musicum Choir during COVID-19

We are very sad that we haven't been able to continue with our rehearsals and performances, but the COVID-19 outbreak is an unprecedented global crisis which we all have a role in controlling. As you know, we can do our part by staying home and being considerate and safe.

We can, of course, keep singing and keep listening!

To help you out, keep the vocal chords moving and the spirits high, we have compiled some resources to help you along. We will try to bring new things to you, and please send through any suggestions to

As soon as we have the all-clear, we will be back and singing up a storm! In the meantime, make good use of music to keep yourself engaged and those endorphins flowing.

While we've been in isolation, we thought we'd reach out to some of past performers and students, and who better than our former accompanist Harrison Collins? We visited Harry online, and shared him on Facebook! Check it out!

The concert we're reimagining: Alexander's Feast

Listen at home! Get ready to jump in to rehearsals with the Spotify playlist and  YouTube link 

Sign up for our Handel Choruses online workshop. Commences Wednesday 3 June.

The concert we're hoping for: Britten

Listen at home in preparation for Term 3, with our Spotify playlist and YouTube links - Hymn to St CeciliaGloriana, choral dances: 1.Time; 2. Concord; 3. Time and Concord; 4. Country Girls; 5. Rustics and Fishermen; 6. Final Dance of HomageSaint Nicolas Op.42

Learn at home! Be the best-prepared singer in your part by learning through practice parts, for Burgundian Consort  Hymn to St Cecilia and Collegium Musicum Choir Saint Nicolas Op.42.