Keeping our choral musicians safe

The safety and wellbeing of our musicians is very important to us. To ensure a safe and comfortable environment for everyone, we’ve made some changes to the way we operate.

This includes the introduction of measures to which all musicians in our ensembles are required to adhere:

  • Completion of the appropriate Safe Return to Campus modules, and agreement to abide by the University’s rulings around COVID safety.
  • Check in to venues at each rehearsal, through the UNSW QR code system which is registered with Service NSW.
  • Respond to requests of the designated COVID Marshall at rehearsals. This will include specifying socially distanced seating.
  • Use hand sanitizer and hand washing before, during and after rehearsals.
  • Musicians will be encouraged to wear masks when and where possible.
  • No sharing of equipment, including music stands, chairs, instruments, pencils, or sheet music. Each musician will have a dedicated seat, with no mingling allowed.
  • Practise physical distancing (1.5 meters whenever possible) and follow the guidance provided by MPU staff and signage.
  • Regular cleaning of high-traffic and high-touch areas, including individual chairs, music stands and percussion instruments as appropriate. This will take place at the start and end of rehearsals.
  • All chairs to be wiped down before and after each use. Antibacterial wipes will be provided.


For choral ensembles:

  • Choral singing will be limited to 30 singers indoors with all performing singers facing forwards and not towards each other, have physical distancing of 1.5m between each other and any other performers, and be 5m from all other people including the audience and conductor, where practical.
  • For outdoor rehearsal, the number of people shall not exceed one person per 2 square metres, with physical distancing of 1.5m between singers and 5m from the conductor.
  • Choral rehearsals will be available for streaming through Zoom for those unable to attend in person.

We also encourage all members to download and make use of the COVIDSafe app.


When to stay home

For the safety and wellbeing of everyone, you must not visit UNSW if: you feel unwell or if you are displaying any of the COVID-19 symptoms as identified by NSW Health; you have tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 14 days or are awaiting the results of a COVID-19 test; you are required to self-isolate; you have been in contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the last 14 days before your intended date of visit to UNSW; or you have returned from overseas or have visited a “positive COVID-19 case location” (as outlined by the NSW Government) in the last 14 days before your intended date of visit.