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Dear UNSW musicians, While we have been keeping our UNSW ensembles running thus far throughout the COVID-19 outbreak, the health of our community is of utmost concern, and we regretfully have arrived at the point of not being able to continue with our activities for Term 1.

Following advice from NSW Health, application of steps such as social distancing and online delivery make our rehearsals impossible to continue. Our performances sadly fall in the category of non-essential events, and thus must be cancelled. Furthermore, as we all know, it’s not possible to present a successful concert without having rehearsed the repertoire first!

This decision means the cancellation of:

  • all rehearsals of the Burgundian Consort, UNSW Wind Symphony, UNSW Orchestra and Collegium Musicum Choir, commencing today Monday 16 March until 14 April. Further information will be released in advance of 14 April.
  • performances of:
    • 5 April: Burgundian Consort and Collegium Musicum Choir
    • 21 April: UNSW Wind Symphony and UNSW Orchestra

Music students will be contacted by SAM about assessment adjustments for ensembles for Term 1.

This decision has been made following great consideration of the impact on our community, and the health of our participants is the foremost priority. UNSW has an FAQs page for your reference.

With your health in mind, while we are not able to rehearse together I strongly encourage you to listen to plenty of music, play and sing music in your home, and stay in touch with ways in which we might be able to help you during this time of musical isolation. We are keenly aware that these ensembles form an important part of the social community for many of you, and would like you to be reassured that we are still here and looking out for you. I’m only sorry that we can’t provide you with biscuits (and toilet paper) for the next while.

We will still be working behind the scenes, and trying to keep information on our website and Facebook up to date.  Please reach out to us by email if you have any queries or concerns relating to your ensemble, and we will keep you updated on any progress on campus.

In the meantime, stay well, wash your hands, and keep singing and playing!

Best regards,


Sonia Maddock

Head of Cultural Networks & Communities