Inner Circles: Prof Gene Moyle

Central Lecture Block Theatre 2

Inner Circles: public talks for creative minds

Professor Gene Moyle: The psychology of performance: Health and wellbeing in the performing artist

Thursday May 17, 1pm

Central Lecture Block, Theatre 2

Prof Gene Moyle, Head of the School of Creative Practice in the Creative Industries Faculty at the Queensland University of Technology, presents the second of a series of public talks delving into the complexities of the creative mind. Gene will talk about 'Psychology of Performance: Health and wellbeing in the performing artist'. 

The issue of wellbeing has recently reached prominence in social discussion and workplaces, with an increased awareness of mental health concerns in individuals and in particular industries and work environments. Creative industries have long battled with issues of mental illness and wellbeing, and elite performance brings other issues such as mental management of goals and expectations to align with physical capacity. 

Having studied ballet to an elite level, Professor Gene Moyle went on to further her education in psychology, focusing on the application of performance psychology and performance enhancement in the performing arts, elite sports and in the corporate sector.