Willgoss Instrumental Prizes 2019

In 2018, Richard and Sue Willgoss extended their support of prizes in the Music Performance Unit to establish the Willgoss Instrumental Prizes. These prizes will again be awarded in 2019, including a primary prize and a highly commended prize for each of the UNSW Wind Symphony and UNSW Orchestra.

The Willgoss Instrumental Prizes award a $1000 prize to the best student instrumentalist in each of the UNSW Wind Symphony and the UNSW Orchestra, to be selected through demonstration of a high level of commitment, performance and ensemble contribution, and being a current student of UNSW. In addition, a further prize of $250 is awarded to a member of each ensemble in 2019, with the same criteria but without the requirement of being a current UNSW student. This provides the opportunity to acknowledge the considerable contribution of those in the instrumental program of UNSW who are from the broader UNSW community as well as those who are current students.

These prizes will be announced at the end of Term 3, 2019, in November.


Previous winners:

2018 Willgoss Instrumental Prizes

UNSW Orchestra - Jason Kong

UNSW Wind Symphony - Alexander Woof

Highly Commended | UNSW Orchestra - Sarah Wang

Highly Commended | UNSW Wind Symphony - Christian Sherlock


The thanks of all involved in the UNSW Instrumental Program are extended to Sue and Richard Willgoss for their support and generosity, and acknowledgement of the value of music to the UNSW campus community.