Professional Development Program 2020 - Bringing Music Performance Online

PDP Term 3 2020
Suzie Ling, Hayes Cheng and Amy Laskmi

Starting a career as an international student in a new country can be challenging, which is why the Student and Careers Success (SACS) Team created the Professional Development Program! Explicitly designed for international students, this program covers workplace communication skills, recruitment tips, employer expectations, and provides international students the opportunity to participate in Group Consulting Projects hosted by various units across UNSW. 

In Term 3 2020 the Music Performance Unit will again deliver an online Professional Development Program for students based in Sydney and abroad. Meet the three International students who will be working with us over the next few months.

Ni Luh Suri Laksmi Krisna

Ni Luh Suri Laksmi, aka Amy, is from Indonesia and currently completing a Masters in Financial Analysis, and this will be her last term at UNSW. Amy has worked in the banking industry for about two years and seeks to pursue a career in banking after she graduates. Working in client-based companies has taught her how to work under pressure, communicate with clients and also meet very tight deadlines.

Amy sees the Professional Development Program as a good exposure for international students like her to the Australian work place, as it introduces international students to the local working culture. Amy says this as a "good investment for my personal development." Working with the Music Performance Unit is going to be "a new thing for me" Amy says, but she looking forward to "sharpening my organisational skills"

Amy is known for her communication skills, being a good listener, and her bubbly personality. She finds it’s easy to relate to other people, even new people. She loves small talk, listening to other people’s stories and learning from them. Amy says that’s how she maintains good relationships with her family and friends, with clients and in a team.


Suzie Ling

Suzie (Yiru) Ling is an undergraduate student who is currently in the fourth year of her Bachelor of Actuarial Studies and Commerce, majoring in Actuarial Science and Finance.

Suzie is from Shanghai, an international city of China and had been in Sydney for over 7 years since high school.

After graduating from UNSW, Suzie would like to be an actuarial analyst or data analyst for financial institutions, especially insurance companies that operate internationally. Suzie says she is "fascinated about finance and business", and she continuously seeks opportunities and follows industry trends to be ready for her next entrepreneurial venture.

From the Professional Development Program, Suzie says she would like to "practise and improve my skills of communication, teamwork, critical thinking, and social networking skills by engaging and dealing with various situations." One of the most unique things about Suzie is that she loves philosophy, psychology, music, travelling, and mysteries in science while she is also a ‘maths person’. 



Hayes Cheng

Hayes (Chong Hei) Chen is from Macau. He is currently in his third year Bachelor of Civil Engineering.

In terms of future career, Hayes aims to be a structural engineer or project manager which requires efficient communication skills and leaderships. He hopes to develop these skills through the the Professional Development Program. Hayes also says "it is always exciting to meet some new friends and professionals and learn from them."

In his spare time, Hayes is a tennis tutor in Macau, where he can play his favourite sport and to improve his communication skills at the same time. In addition, thanks to the help of the Music Performance Unit, Hayes has been playing bassoon in the UNSW Orchestra.