Professional Development Program with Franny Fang

Franny seeing the sights

My name is Franny, I am completing my Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Accounting and Finance. I came to Australia from China in 2016 starting my foundation studies at UNSW Global.

As an international student I had the opportunity to take part in the Professional Development Program. The program is in two parts, a three-day seminar and a 50-hour work placement.

The 3-day seminar, which took place during the Term 2 break, is a good start for us International Students to get to know about Australian workplace culture.

During Term 3, I have been completing my 50-hour on-campus placement provided by the Professional Development Program placement to help us put the theory into real life practice.

 I am really happy to have the opportunity to work as an intern in Music Performance Unit (MPU). Although I am a Commerce student, I have really learnt a lot about working in Australia in MPU.

As an intern, I have been practicing my spoken English with my nice supervisor and other nice colleagues in MPU. I have also learnt more about Australian workplace culture, which has some differences with my home country.

The most excited thing during my internship is that I am not only working in an office, I have had the chance to work during concerts. That was my first time to attend this kind of formal concerts in Australia, and I got to know about how concerts are organised, and what we need to prepare before and during the concert.

In addition, I have learned how to ensure the concert is held successfully. Sometimes we could also listen the excellent Australia Ensemble during the performance in Sir John Clancy Auditorium.

For me, although I am a commerce student, I played piano since I was a child; so I really enjoy the concerts and also really appreciation this opportunities to work at MPU in this term!


Thank you to Franny for joining us this term and we wish her the best of luck with her future studies.