Professional Development Program with Shiney Yucan Zhang, Yang Yang and Leenita Gharwade


Starting a career as an international student in a new country can be challenging, which is why the Student and Careers Success (SACS) Team created the Professional Development Program! Explicitly designed for international students, this program covers workplace communication skills, recruitment tips, employer expectations, and provides international students the opportunity to participate in Group Consulting Projects hosted by various units across UNSW. 


We always enjoy having international students interning at the Music Performance Unit, and in Term 2 2020 we are excited to be delivering an online Professional Development Program. Meet the three International students who will be working with us over the next few months.





Yang is a Masters student in Financial Analysis at UNSW. Currently, he is participating in the Professional Development Program. Yang comes from Macau, China and has been living in Sydney for 1 year.


Yang says he enjoys experiencing different cultures and meeting people from different backgrounds, and that is one of the reasons why he really love Sydney. 

He says "Music is a common language for all people around the world. I believe that communities and even societies can be connected through music. I am delighted to be a part of the community and unit."





Shiney Yucan Zhang

Shiney is currently a Masters student, specializing in Business Analytics at UNSW. Shiney is an international student from China. She has lived in Sydney for almost eighteen months and will graduate from UNSW in 2020.



Through the Professional Development Program, Shiney has had the opportunity to work with Music Performance Unit.



She started her journey with the piano when she was 6 years old, so music has a very special meaning for her. Shiney says "It is nice to join this lovely team" and she is "looking forward to working with everyone!"




Leenite GharwadeHaving completed her Bachelor in Civil Engineering, Leenita is currently pursuing a Masters in Project Management from the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at UNSW.


Leenita hails from Mumbai, India, which is rich in cultural diversity. She has been trained in one of the major Indian classical dance forms, Kathak, since the age of 5.


Leenita has been in Sydney for almost 2 years. She credits UNSW and its various clubs and societies on helping her feel at home in Sydney. 


Leenita says "Hello everyone! I am Leenita, a fresh addition to this enthusiastic team. I am excited to make an optimum use of my time and skills and prove to be resourceful, despite my short tenure with the Music Performance Unit."

"Amidst the current crisis, there are numerous measures, undertaken by the university, for the wellbeing of domestic and international students, and I am proud to be associated in one of these highly contributing ventures. Thank you!"