SEXtember 2022

SEXtember Playlist

For SEXtember 2022, the festivities are all about love, pleasure, respect and forming healthy relationships.

The Music Performance UNSW team has put together three playlists in partnership with UNSW Health Promotion for SEXtember as a reminder that music also speaks these messages and to encourage our UNSW community to foster healthy relationships with their loved ones.

We have three contrasting moods so take your pick!


SEXtember 2022: What the World Needs Now

The gentle clinking of glass and soft chatter ceases as music fills the room and you sit back and relax in your crimson, velvet lounge chair. Find pleasure in what the world needs now as you reminiscence the feeling of love.

SEXtember 2022: Seasons of Love

It takes two to be in love with someone, but it only takes one to respect yourself and others as you fly, fly away searching for the warmth of summer nights.

SEXtember 2022: That Late Night Love Letter <3

Sometimes I stay up telling the night sky about us, and I hope you look up to see a glimpse of us in the stars. May we nurture and grow together finding pleasure in the learnings of love and mutual respect.

 If you want to find out more about SEXtember and its festivities, click here.