SEXtember at UNSW

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We have partnered with SEXtember 2021, a festival all about celebrating, questioning and exploring every aspect of sex, and brought you four killer playlists to get you through the month. Sex is fun. Sex is spicy. Sex is intimate. Sex is respectful. Everyone does sex in their own way. Whether you’re new to sex or a little more experienced, there’s something for everyone.

SEXtember 2021: Songs To Facilitate Your Own Nut 

Just like music helps you in other areas of your life, whether it’s studying, exercising, or relaxing, music also helps you get into the right mind-set for a great touch-yo’self sesh; it's a simple way to ease into a state of arousal and melt off low libido blues in high anxiety times. 


SEXtember 2021: Consensual Healing 

Songs that seek consent and set the mood! The next time you struggle to think of and enjoy music that celebrates sexual consent, you’ll have this hand-picked soundtrack of songs that not only emphasizes permission, boundary-setting, and respect, but helps to set the mood as well. 


SEXtember 2021: Put The MIDI in Chlamydia 

These artists didn't let an STI stand in the way of loving themselves, loving others, being loved, and making great music. With the protection, communication and sexual health check ups, most STIs can be prevented or easily managed. Jam to these songs and celebrate safe and healthy sexual activity!  


SEXtember 2021: Classically STImulating 

Having an STI hasn’t stopped composers from creating great music throughout history. About 16 per cent of Australians report having an STI at some point in their lifetime — that's roughly 4 million people. Don’t let an STI stand in the way of loving yourself, loving others, being loved, and achieving your dreams. Immerse yourself, this playlist was curated for you.