UNSW Orchestra Auditions - Friday February 26

UNSW Orchestra
UNSW Orchestra

Auditions for UNSW Orchestra 2016 will be held on Friday, February 26 on the ground floor of the Robert Webster Building.

Auditions run from 10am until 1pm, with two exceptions: Flutes are granted an additional hour (i.e. 10am-2pm) and Percussion auditons will take place from 2pm-3pm.

Come along at any time during those time frames and present yourself at the reception desk. You will then be lined up for an audition with the appropriate panelist.

The audition will require:

  • Two prepared, contrasting pieces (or excerpts thereof), with a maximum duration of 2 minutes each;
  • a short piece of sight-reading.

Don't forget to sign up here ahead of time: http://goo.gl/forms/eYBIis8iwU


Remember: all applicants to the Orchestra are required to audition.

Happy practicing!