Update Term 3 MPU ensembles


The MPU has been advised that most of our ensembles will not resume face-to-face in Term 3, due to the restrictions put in place for COVID-19. This decision has been taken on advice from UNSW Risk in consultation with NSW Health. The safety of our university community is paramount.

The MPU will run a UNSWO String Ensemble in person, with social distancing measures in place. If you are a current UNSWO string player, please head to our website for more information and to register this week.



What does this mean for you?

SAM Students 

ONLY the UNSWO Orchestral String Ensemble, Collegium Musicum Choir and Burgundian Consort will be assessable options in Term 3.
For students that were planning to take the MPU ensembles as a performance subject in T3, please follow up with the School of the Arts and Media to discuss alternate options as soon as possible or head to Moodle for further information.
Email: sam@unsw.edu.au 

Other Community Members

Although we can’t yet convene face-to-face, we are developing a program online activities during T3, and look forward to engaging with members in real time if not in person very soon.
The Burgundian Consort and Collegium Musicum Choir will both be running online during T3, and the Collegium Musicum Choir is open to all participants. SOAP will continue to engage with members through their channels so be sure to reach out to your society representatives and get involved where you can from home.

I have already paid for an Ensemble fee for Term 3 – will I get a refund? 

Yes. Refunds will be administered by the end of October 2020.

What should I do in the meantime to get my music fix? 

Why not jump online and connect with us via our social media channels. The MPU has a range of video materials to keep your days interesting and connected to music. Let us support you online with interesting content as we help keep music a central part of everyone’s lives during these unusual times. You can find us on Facebook! facebook.com/watch/UNSWMusicPerformance


Should you have any questions regarding the above, please email cmc@unsw.edu.au or if it is related to you academic commitments, please email the School of the Arts and Media sam@unsw.edu.au