Australia Ensemble UNSW

The Australia Ensemble, resident at The University of New South Wales, was founded in 1980 following a proposal put to the University by Roger Covell and Murray Khouri. The group has long been widely recognised as this country's finest chamber music ensemble. Consisting of seven of Australia's leading instrumentalists, the Ensemble is able to engage other outstanding musicians to enable it to present some highly unusual and varied groupings of performers as well as the standard chamber music repertoire. The core activities of the Australia Ensemble are the annual subscription season and free concert and workshop series at UNSW, although it also frequently appears elsewhere for music societies and other organisations.

The Australia Ensemble lives up to its name by touring throughout Australia and overseas. It has appeared in every state of Australia for Musica Viva and other entrepreneurs and frequently appears in national music and chamber music festivals. The Ensemble has regularly toured internationally since 1982 and has performed in the USA, the UK, the Soviet Union, Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, Poland, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Japan, China, India, South America, South Korea, Vietnam and Thailand. 

In addition to major support from The University of New South Wales, the Australia Ensemble gratefully acknowledges the past and present generous financial assistance of the Music Board of the Australia Council, the New South Wales Ministry for the Arts, The University of New South Wales U Committee and generous donations from individual subscribers and supporters.

The Australia Ensemble is managed by UNSW's Music Performance Unit.

There are seven core positions in the Australia Ensemble UNSW: flute, clarinet, piano, two violins, viola and cello.

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Dene Olding, wearing a black collared shirt and holding a violin

Dene Olding was almost surprised to be reminded that 2021 was actually his fortieth season with the Australia Ensemble UNSW.

Ian Munro, a man wearing glasses and a black buttonup shirt smiling with his mouth closed

To list even a large selection of composers Australia Ensemble UNSW pianist Ian Munro most likes is a task that frustrates him, since he discovered quite early on...

7 members of the Australia Ensemble standing in front of a gold cladded wall holding their instruments

We are pleased to annouce we will officially launch the Australia Ensemble UNSW 2022 season in November 2021. Please put these in your calendar and hold the dates!