Join UNSW Alumna Aashna Mittal to learn about the world’s second most popular form of classical music: Indian Classical Music.

SIng With Us Javanese Folksong Hero IMage

Learn the background and history of various types of Javanese folksong and learn to sing traditional Javanese music with renowned Javanese Gamelan...

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If you dread the thought of getting up in front of a group of people and performing, you are not alone.

Dene Olding, wearing a black collared shirt and holding a violin

Dene Olding was almost surprised to be reminded that 2021 was actually his fortieth season with the Australia Ensemble UNSW.

Ian Munro, a man wearing glasses and a black buttonup shirt smiling with his mouth closed

To list even a large selection of composers Australia Ensemble UNSW pianist Ian Munro most likes is a task that frustrates him, since he discovered quite early on...

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As part of Mental Health Month 2021, the Music Performance Unit presented a webinar titled The Health Benefits of Singing, presented by Alex Siegers.