UNSW Wind Symphony


Time: 4:00-6:15pm Tuesday, during term

Location: Sir John Clancy Auditorium

You will be required to bring your own music stand and pencil to every rehearsal. You will also not be permitted to share music.

If you are going to be absent from rehearsal, please complete this form prior to your absence.


Returning Members

New Members

You don't need to audition for UNSW Wind Symphony. Just register and turn up! If you have any questions, please email cmc@unsw.edu.au or get in touch with the Society of Orchestras and Pipers on societyoforchestraandpipers@gmail.com

The UNSW Wind Symphony was founded in 1991 (as the UNSW Wind Band) to perform works specially composed for wind ensembles with or without percussion. The Wind Symphony provides a rich experience for musicians who prefer to play this repertoire, largely dating from after 1900. Also in the repertoire of the Wind Symphony are arrangements of works from all eras and styles, including jazz, popular and art-music forms.

The Wind Symphony offers a congenial home, as well, to many of the woodwind and brass players on campus, and comprises about 50 players at any one time both from UNSW School of the Arts and Media and other departments.

The Wind Band (as it was first called) was established by two undergraduate students, David Gilfillan and Emery Schubert, and gave its first concert on 26 May 1991. 

The regular conductors of the UNSW Wind Band in past years were: David Gilfillan (1991-1993), Chris Blenkinsopp (1994-1998 and 2001-2003), Gary McPherson (1999-2000), Mathias Rogala-Koczorowski (2004-2006), Steven Hillinger (2006-2012), and Dr Steven Capaldo (2013-2017). Emery Schubert has been a frequent guest conductor.

Since 2013, the UNSW Wind Band has been known as the UNSW Wind Symphony, reflecting the shift in the ensemble's repertoire over its history and all members are a part of UNSW Society of Orchestra and Pipers.