Society of Orchestra & Pipers

The UNSW Society of Orchestra and Pipers (SOAP) is the student-run collective associated with the university’s Large Instrumental Music Ensembles (LIME), namely the UNSW Orchestra and UNSW Wind Symphony. It was established during Colin Piper’s reign as orchestra conductor, hence the use of ‘Piper’ in the name. ‘Piper’ also alludes to brass and woodwinds. 

Supported by Arc@UNSW and the Music Performance Unit, our goal is to be an accessible platform for music performance, engagement and sharing. We hold regular events for our members to help increase ensemble cohesion and hope to bring people together through their love of music.

Who should join SOAP?

All past, current and future members of UNSW Orchestra and UNSW Wind Symphony are invited to join SOAP. We also encourage those completing a Bachelor of Music at UNSW and anyone interested in joining a music community to become involved.  

What does SOAP do?

SOAP holds a number of social events throughout the year. Notable ones are the annual Cruise and the Ball. On a smaller scale, we often have bowling/board game nights, bake sales, and there's always a concert afterparty. We also have a Discord server for fun online events, such as games nights, movie nights, or online performances. Drop by to meet some like-minded musicians and make some lifelong friends! 

2022/23 Executives


President, Sabine Seeto</strong></p>
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President, Sabine Seeto

Hi, I’m Sabine, a third year Electrical Engineering/ Masters of Biomedical Engineering student at UNSW and the Grievance Officer of SOAP. I play flute and piccolo for Orchestra, but also enjoy learning to play the recorder and melodica in my spare time.






Vice-President, Wind Symphony, Ryan Gordon

Hi, I’m Ryan and I am the Wind Symphony Vice-President. I’m currently studying my Masters of Music Education. I play the Trumpet in the Wind Symphony, Orchestra & Jazz Ensemble! I also love to sing and play guitar too!

Any enquiries regarding Wind Symphony, such as commitments, ability requirements, openings, or apologies, may be directed toward the VP for Wind Symphony.




 Vice-President Orchestra, Ishaan Vellani

Hey! My name is Ishaan, and I am so pleased to be your next Vice President of Orchestra! I am in my third year of a Bachelor of Science (Neuroscience) and a Bachelor of Music. I have played clarinet in the orchestra since first year, and I absolutely love getting together with SOAPies from all faculties to play awesome repertoire! I’m also secretly a jazz fanatic… but don’t tell anyone!!

Any enquiries regarding Orchestra, such as commitments, ability requirements, openings, or apologies, may be directed toward the VP for Orchestra.



Oliver Jackson

Secretary, Oliver Jackson


Hi, my name is Oliver and I am the Secretary of SOAP. My role involves managing the general administration of the club. I play the tuba and the piano and am currently studying Chemical Engineering in my third year at UNSW.

Any enquiries regarding the newsletter or the general administration of the club may be directed toward the Secretary. 




Treasurer, Kevin Chen


Hi, I’m Kevin and I am the Treasurer of SOAP! I am a second year studying in Data Science and Decisions. I currently play Percussion and Timpani for the orchestra.






Arc Delegate, Hugo Sebesta


Hi, my name is Hugo and I am the ARC Delegate of SOAP. ARC Delegate is all about communicating with ARC and ensuring we have their support when running events! I play the violin in Orchestra and am in my third year of a double degree in Advanced Science and Quantum Engineering.





Zia BohmMarketing and Events Coordinator, Junias Tjanaria


Hi, I’m Junias and I’m the Events and Marketing Coordinator. I’m keen to organise new events for everyone.I’m currently in my fourth year studying Chemical engineering and Science majoring in Food Science.






Grievance Officer, Jerry Lam


Hi! I'm Jerry and I'm the Grievance Officer of SOAP this year! As a grievance officer, if you have anything want to share, not only complaints or suggestions, welcome to have a chat with me! I'm available 24/7 ;) I'm a 2nd year master of Information Technology student, majoring in Internetworking. I play violin for orchestra, I also play string quartet music with my friends in my spare time!

Any grievances, either with a SOAP Executive member or a general member, may be submitted to the Grievance Officer. This includes any misconduct on the Discord server.






Facebook Group 


SOAP is partially funded by Arc, which allows us to host all these incredible events and keep bringing you exciting opportunities. If you haven’t already, please sign into spARC and make sure to officially join SOAP.