Checking-In With UNSW Wind Symphony From Conductor, Paul Vickers


Conductor Paul Vickers talks through James Barnes' Third Symphony to prepare students for their Term 1 Part Checking Exam.

Hi All, 

I hope this finds you safe and well. I certailny miss making music with you all, and I missed it even more as I put together these videos for you. I hope you find them helpful as you continue to prepare James Barnes' Third Symphony. 

While there have been a number of orchestras across the world making their music more easily accessible, there have ben no similar announcements from professional Wind Symphonies. Thankfully, the music of many top groups is quite accessible:

Professional Groups: 

Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra performances can be found here and also here 

Dallas Winds and their Youtube channel

The Clevand Winds

Osaka Shion Wind Orchestra 

United States Marine Band "President's Own" This site has a huge number of resources. Also see their youtube channel

Amsterdam Tramharmonie and their Youtube channel

United States Navy Band and their Youtube Channel

There are a range of resources including full concerts and recordings from several conferences at the Banddirector Youtube channel 

Some of the top University groups include:

The University of Illinois Wind Symphony, University of Michigan Symphony Band, Michigan State University Symphony Band, University of Texas at Austin Wind Symphony, University of North Texas Wind SymphonyUniversity of Minnesota Wind Symphony, Northwestern University Symphonic Wind EnsembleUniversity of Las Vegas Wind Orchestra, Royal Northern College of Music Wind Orchestra 

Some amazing Community Bands include:

North Shore Wind Symphony, Austin Symphonic Band

To listen sprecifically to Barnes' Symphony No. 3, this is the best accessible recording of the work:

US Air Force Band CD Excursions - Available on Youtube

As I don't think it is ever wise to listen to just one recording of a work, 

Here is another recording available on youtube that is uncredited.

Movement 1

Movement 2

Movement 3

Movement 4

...and here is a third by the Osaka municipal band

I challenge you to listen to great ensembles of al types and to listen to many soloists on your instrument... create a model sound in you mind by analysing many performers. 


Paul Vickers