Meet Kyra: Production Assistant of MPU

Kyra Alday, Production Assistant

The Music Performance Unit engages with multiple student assistants throughout the year, with the role of Production Assistant as one of them.

We sat down with Kyra Alday, our current Production Assistant for a short interview about her role and to introduce herself to our community.


Please introduce yourself to the students and community!

Hi everyone, I’m Kyra and I’m in my final year studying Mechatronic Engineering and History at UNSW.

Among the many things I do while studying at uni, I’m also part of the Production Team in the Music Performance Unit.


Can you explain how you are involved in the production team during the concerts?

During concerts, I’m the Production Assistant. I started as an Usher before getting to where I am today.

When I'm not the Production Assistant, I am the Stage Manager, helping with stage movements during the concert.


Can you explain what your role entails?

As the Production Assistant, I help with general tasks behind the scenes. This includes organising the team of ushers on the floor and sometimes helping the Stage Manager with stage changes during concerts. I also assist in the technical side of things such as recording and stage lighting.

As the Stage Manager, I lead the stage changes during the concert like taking the piano on and off the stage and changing the chairs and stands for the players between movements.


What has been one of your best memories while working at the concerts so far?

One of my best memories so far was almost missing my cue to turn on the house lights at the end of the concert. I was backstage with the Stage Manager and the concert was coming to an end. While we were chatting, I realised in a matter of minutes, I was supposed to turn on the house lights for the end of the concert. Realising I was far from the tech desk where I was supposed to be, I sprinted to the tech box up several flights of stairs to make my mark. Luckily made it just in time!


What do you think is an important quality for working as part of a team, especially in a fast-paced type of setting?

An important quality in working as part of a team is communication. Working backstage, things change quickly and everyone needs to be ready to react to these changes. With some of the team on radios, communication is so important. We notify each other of changes, what’s happening at the front of house versus backstage, and if there’s anything that’s gone against the original plan. It ensures all the parts of the concert are working together to put together a successful show.


What do you like to do in your spare time apart from music?

Apart from music, I do karate. I’ve been doing it for the last 17 years and I have plenty of fun there. I’ve also found it super useful for destressing. I also like to be creative by scrapbooking and coding up some small projects.


What do you want to do in the future?

After graduating, I hope to work as a Software Developer but in a role with the freedom to be creative. With it being my final year, there are a lot of possibilities but I’m excited to see where it will take me!