Review: Freelancing Freedom for Musicians

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On Thursday 23 June, the Music Performance Unit were joined by MEAA (Media, Arts and Entertainment Alliance) Musician’s Australia to discuss how to enter the music industry as a freelance artist and more importantly how to sustain that career pathway. We were fortunate enough to have a wealth of talent in the room with our four wonderful MEAA presenters Elise Chidiac, Cassandra Darvall Bartolomei, Matthew Jeffrey and Logan McCrory. All our presenters shared their wisdom and experience on how they have enjoyed a freelance career, how they have solved and negotiated through various problems and setbacks and how Musicians Australia has been that driving force in ensuring their voice and rights are heard by the wider community.

It was inspiring to see an audience full of emerging and established artists who are eager to make their mark as the next generation of performers. The session was a success in educating performers from all musical backgrounds about the support that is on offer to them as Australian musicians. We hope to see many more musicians at sessions like this in the future.

If you would like more information on this topic, head to MEAA's website by clicking here

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