Songwriting for Mental Health

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Friday October 1, 6.00pm to 7.00pm

Try something new this Mental Health Month and with the guidance of a qualified music therapist, write your first song. 

This session is suitable for people of all abilities – whether this is your first time writing a song or your hundredth. You do not need to know how to write music or play an instrument. You just have to be ready to have a go!

Participants will be led by Music Therapist at Sydney Children’s Hospital, Matt Ralph and UNSW Alumna Olivia Halliday, and work through the process of writing song lyrics and a melody, while reaping the wide-ranging benefits of therapeutic songwriting, including the opportunity for self-expression, stress relief, and tapping into your creative brain as a means of interpreting difficult circumstances and overcoming challenges.

The session will begin at 6pm and run for approximately an hour. Participants are encouraged to block out their calendar until 7.30pm to allow for time for creative juices to flow! This is an exclusive event, free for current UNSW Students and Staff. Register now, as spots are limited.


Free, Tickets are limited

Matt Ralph



About Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph is a singer and songwriter as well as a full-time music therapist at the Sydney Children’s Hospital in Randwick. Matt engages with music on a daily basis to bring wellness and a vehicle for expression to his own life as well as to those he engages with in all aspects of his life.

Matt has albums on iTunes and Spotify and is about to release a new album called Family. Songwriting is one of Matts greatest passions and he is excited to share the powerful ways that combining meaning with melody can create something unique in the world and bring positivity and creativity into everyone’s life.




Olivia Halliday


About Olivia Halliday

Olivia completed her Masters of Creative Music Therapy at the University of Western Sydney after receiving her undergraduate degree in Science/Music at UNSW, majoring in composition and neuroscience. During her time at UNSW, she enjoyed participating in co-curricular activities such as the UNSW Balinese Gamelan ensemble ‘Suwitra Jaya’ and the Med/Law/CSE Revue societies.

Since completing her Masters, Olivia has worked as a Registered Music Therapist at Tuned In Music Therapy, a clinic based in the Northern Beaches, working with people of all ages, particularly children with autism, young adults with disability and people with younger onset dementia. Olivia is passionate about making meaningful connections with clients through music, whether that is through playing favourite songs, song writing or through improvisation. Olivia’s main instruments are piano, guitar and voice. She also plays clarinet and saxophone.

Olivia believes that everyone can and should participate in making music, regardless of their abilities.