Burgundians Back On Campus

BC on campus.jpeg

Our first tentative steps towards returning to choral singing on campus - five members of UNSW's chamber choir, the Burgundian Consort, stood on safely distanced markers yesterday for their first face to face singing experience since March.

The lucky five were ecstatic to be singing together again.

It was Tenor Sascha Graham's birthday, and he said "there was no better way to celebrate his 21st".

Fellow Tenor, Oliver Bruhl said "This is SO NICE".

Soprano Budwini Managammana said that it made her feel a bit teary!

These singers have been learning repertoire online through Zoom, but haven't been able to interact directly with other voices for nearly seven months. The remainder of the ensemble experienced the group through a Zoom stream of the rehearsal.

Their singing of Britten and a new work by Philip Eames certainly attracted the attention of some passers-by!