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Patricia Brown with singers of UNSW in 1979

From 1975 until her retirement at the end of 2002, Dr Patricia Brown directed the choirs of UNSW with great energy and expertise. She was an academic in the Music Department, and the driving force behind a flourishing choral program. Over the years, Patricia directed hundred of students, staff and singers from the broader UNSW community in some of the great works of the western choral tradition.

On Monday November 6, Patricia's contribution to the musical life of UNSW was honoured through the awarding of an Honorary Fellowship through the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. The graduation ceremony included an occasional address by Professor Peter Keller from Western Sydney University who, as an undergraduate, was a member of the Collegium Musicum Choir and the first recipient of the University Medal in Music from UNSW.

We celebrate a wonderful career, the enormous contribution Patricia made to the cultural life of UNSW, and the great legacy Patricia left behind by way of a choral program built into the very fabric of the campus.

Congratulations Patricia, and thank you!


Patricia Brown (front left) with the Collegium Musicum Choir in the mid-1980s