Rehearsing Online with UNSW Orchestra and UNSW Wind Symphony

UNSW Orchestra Online Sectionals David Griffiths 20 July
UNSW Orchestra woodwind with David Griffiths

How can an Orchestra or Wind Symphony work in lockdown? Our ensembles are finding many ways to learn and engage online! This term our musicians took advantage of a fantastic learning opportunity by tapping into the expertise of some expert professional musicians and educators from across the country, something which may not have been possible face-to-face.

Through the magic of Zoom, our UNSW Wind Symphony and UNSW Orchestra undertook online sectional workshops including our own conductors Paul Vickers and Steven Hillinger, and musicians from around Australia, including Australia Ensemble UNSW members Geoffrey Collins (Adelaide), David Griffiths (Melbourne) and Julian Smiles (Sydney), and guests, Sydney Symphony Orchestra violinist Monique Irik (Sydney), Darwin Symphony Orchestra Tubist Per Forsberg (Darwin), and Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts lecturer Genevieve Wilkins (Perth).


We were particularly delighted to work with UNSW alumna Monique Irik, former concertmaster of the UNSW Orchestra and now a member of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.

UNSW Orchestra Brass with Per Fosberg
“I liked that I was able to ask a professional about the piece and how we were all able to learn from each other’s mistakes/weaknesses."
 - Zia Bohm, Trombone, UNSW Wind Symphony

“It was really helpful to not only get advice on our particular pieces, but also to gain insightful advice on the practice and expectations of our particular roles in the orchestra.” - Gabrielle Goodman, Principal Clarinet, UNSW Orchestra and UNSW Wind Symphony

“It was interesting seeing a professional percussionist’s approach to practice and musicality” - Edward Qian, Percussion, UNSW Orchestra

“Despite the obvious struggles of rehearsing online, I’ve really enjoyed being able to think about the music we play in a much more detailed and comprehensive way… talking about style and ensemble techniques has been really insightful.” - Rachel Aquino, Flute Section Leader, UNSW Wind Symphony

Thanks to all our specialists and to the students who really made the most of this fantastic resource.

UNSW Orchestra Violins with Monique Irik

UNSW Orchestra Cellos with Julian Smiles